Are you ready to play for KiXX?!


10.) KiXX not only represents O'Fallon, IL, but several surrounding communities including Belleville, Shiloh, Lebanon, Scott AFB, Fairview Heights, Mascoutah, and Swansea.

9.) KiXX prepares youth soccer players to take their soccer skills to the next level, including high school, college, and professional level teams.

8.) Throughout the season, KiXX brings in trainers from Elite Fitness Training to ensure that its players get the ultimate training experience.

7.) KiXX's coaches are hand-picked by our Director of Coaching and licensed/certified to teach youth soccer.

6.) Each KiXX team is assigned a coach, as well as a Team Manager, to improve organization and communication.

5.) KiXX has several different age groups and experience levels, to allow for healthy levels of competition.

4.) KiXX has a dedicated staff and Board of Directors to enhance the overall soccer organization.

3.) Every KiXX player is evaluated and placed on a team that fits their age, ability, and skill level.

2.) KiXX teams play for several different leagues and with a variety of teams to provide as much experience as possible.

1.) Playing for KiXX is a life changing experience that will you bring you friendships, mentors, and success for life!


Did I eat a good pre-game/training meal

Did I drink enough water

Do I have the right uniform

Do I have a Warm Up

Do I have sunscreen, band-aids and hair ties

Do I have Hat and gloves (cold weather)

Do I have a change of shoes

Do I have 1 liter of water

Do I have a snack just in case (yogurt, granola, crackers, carrots, fruit slices)


The players are selected by the coach. It is important that players observe the guidelines established by KiXX, league and IYSA. We strive to hold ourselves to a high standard.
I will …

Train and play to the best of my ability

Have a positive attitude and never quit

Win without boasting and demonstrate sportsmanship

Respect officials and accept their decisions without question

Only give positive encouragement to fellow teammates

Arrive prepared for all games and training sessions (proper mental attitude and equipment)

I will be responsible for all my own equipment and carry my own soccer bag and water to all practices/games

Respect my coach, teammate, opponents and facilities

Learn and follow the Laws of the Game, the team and the club

Practice soccer skills and condition on my own

Notify the coach or team manager if I will be tardy for or unable to make a practice game or meeting

Further the player will never…

Allow my enthusiasm and commitment for soccer to override by responsibilities to my education

Use profane or vulgar language

Use a controlled substance unless prescribed by a physician

Leave the field or a session without the permission of the coach

Disregard any instructions of my coach

Forget that I represent the KiXX Soccer Club


It is important that parents observe the guidelines established by KiXX, league and IYSA. We strive to hold ourselves to a high standard.
I will …

Be encouraging, supportive and affirmative in regard to my child’s play on the field -- no coaching

Respect officials and accept their decisions

Support the coach, manager and the team

Volunteer my services and talents to KiXX when possible

Familiarize myself with the Laws of the Game

Comply with the rules, policies, and procedures of the team and the club as they apply to me.

I will discuss my child…

Only with my coach

Not with the manager or any other person

Only at a time mutually agreed up on by the coach

Never prior to, during or directly after a game

Further I will never…

Verbally address any official regarding their calls

Engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach manager, player or parent


We encourage our players to attend every practice to learn and grow with the team!
Players must arrive ten minutes prior to practice start

Players must wear the KiXX practice uniform (suggested is blue shirt, black shorts, white socks), unless otherwise specified by the head coach

Players must come with a properly inflated soccer ball

Players must wear shin-guards

Players must bring plenty of water

To learn responsibility, players should carry their own soccer bags and water

If a player must arrive late or leave a practice early, the coach must be notified in advance

If player needs to miss a practice, notification must be made to the coach

Parents are not allowed to step on the field to talk to the coach or the players during practice or a game

If you would like a conference with the coach, an appointment must be made either before or after the practice or at some point during the coach's free time


We encourage all parents, family, and friends to attend our games to support our players!
Players must arrive at the game field 30 minutes prior to scheduled start unless specified differently by the head coach

Players must arrive properly and uniformly dressed

Players must warm up with their teammates and coaches

Players can only be instructed by the coach during the game. The parents' role is strictly encouragement – no coaching

Any involvement of the parent with their player during the game has to be designated by the coach (e.g., injuries, water breaks etc.)

If a player will be late for the game or has to leave the game early, the coach must be notified in advance

During the games, parents should refrain from making any comments to the game officials. The referees and linesmen should always be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner

Parents are not allowed to approach the coach after the game for discussions about playing time, playing position etc. Meetings should be scheduled for another time


Oatmeal with whole milk and few raisins

Buckwheat or Whole Wheat Pancakes with Real Maple Syrup/Butter

Home Made or Healthy Granola with milk

Hash Browns and Scrambled Eggs

Quinoa and Scrambled Eggs/Garlic

Gluten Free Waffles w/Butter/Real Syrup

Whole Wheat/High Protein Tortilla with eggs & sausage

Yogurt and healthy granola

Healthy Cereals with Milk (Ideally high in fiber, low in sugar (less than 15 grams/serving) Examples: Kashi, Glutino, Cascadian Farms, Bear Naked, etc.

Whole grain English muffin with egg and sausage/turkey bacon

Lunch / Dinner
Baked Potato with vegetables and sour cream toppings and/or Chili topping

Black Bean Soup

Chicken Noodle/Rice Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken/Beef Fried Rice with Vegetables

Roasted Potatoes and baked fried chicken with green warm vegetable on side

Fish Tacos with Vegetables on side

Macaroni and Cheese (Homemade or Annie’s)

Salmon Rice w/Nori Rolls

Tomato Soup with Blue Corn Chips/Hummus/Nut Butter

Chili and Cornbread

Beef/Turkey Burgers w/cheese on Flat buns

Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Vegetable Side

Rice (Long grain or Brown) with Meat Sides and/or Baked Beans/Sausage & Beans

Sandwiches (almond/peanut butter, chicken, turkey, cheese, etc.) on flat bread or Ezekial Sprouted Grain Bread

Away From Home: Look for grocery stores or restaurants with healthy options (Chinese/Japanese Food, Deli Sandwiches on whole grain breads, Wrapped Sandwiches, Rice/Beans, Fish/Chicken Tacos/Fajitas, etc.)

Keeping Energy Up During Game: In general food is not recommended but if younger children are playing intense sports, and/or tend to get tired during second half of game or if temperatures are warm may need half time snack (oranges, grapes, melons . . etc.)

When and How Much Water to Drink: Consider Climate—Hot weather or working out in gym will require more frequent hydration. An hour or two before game/training recommend you start drinking water (1/2 cup per hour at least depending on age/size of player). Take sips from water bottle while driving to game/training. During time-outs/half-time encourage players to keep sipping water. Water is best for hydration and health . . . if training/game goes over 1 hour and is higher in intensity, may need to add fruit concentration, healthy sports drink etc. to keep up with electrolyte needs. Do not recommend carbonated drinks, juice that is not 100%, high fructose corn syrup drinks and high sugar sports drinks. These can rob the body of energy by depleting B vitamins and essential minerals needed for energy production. Drink even when you’re not thirsty—we need water for body temperature regulation, hydrating cells and removing wastes (sweating).

Poor Choices for Pre or Post Game Meals

Foods high in MSG

Too much Caffeine or Sugar


French Fries

Fried Foods

High Sugar Cereals

Milk Shakes

Double Cheese Pizza



High Performance Protein Shake:
I find that in general most kids and adults are not eating enough protein. Proteins support healthy hormone production, blood sugar regulation, bone/muscle structure/growth, etc. Good sources are eggs, nuts, nut butters, free range chicken/turkey, beans, raw cheese, organic yogurt, kelp, long grain rice, goat milk, good protein bars like listed on snack recommendations, , quinoa, tofu in moderation, etc. I do recommend a whey or egg white protein (free of sugar/preservatives/hormones and from grass fed cows) once a day either as a snack or after a heavy workout/game. Some of the ones I recommend are Pure Protein (Dr. Mercola’s brand), Designer Whey, etc. A good recipe is the following:

½ to 1 scoop (depends on age of child/adult) protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)

1-2 tsp. almond or peanut butter

1 tablespoon greek yogurt

¼ frozen banana and/or frozen berries (if using vanilla shake)

2 tsp dark chocolate cocoa powder (if using vanilla shake and would like a chocolate flavor)

½ cup milk (I prefer whole), goat milk, or almond milk

Mix together and Delicious!