Elite Fitness Training (Elite FT), founded in 2002, has provided weekly Club Training for the O'Fallon KiXX since the fall of 2009. Each team is assigned an Elite Trainer who attends one training session per week in the fall and the spring to provide a 'different voice' for the teams. KiXX coaches actively observe these sessions to both help facilitate and for an educational opportunity. The training program is written age-specific and changes every session based on a brainstorming session with the KiXX Director, Coaches and Elite FT Owner.
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KiXX Juniors Academy

The KIXX JUNIORS ACADEMY is designed to give your child the opportunity to build a solid foundation in technical development in the very early years of playing and enjoying the game of soccer. The uniqueness of our program is that we have devised an In-House, non-travel program professionally coached and organized for ages 3 to 11 year olds. We are committed to providing a fun, educational, and progressive experience for your youth soccer players. Not only are we committed to our youth players, but we also have a wonderful comprehensive coaching education curriculum and mentorship program specifically for the KIXX Juniors Academy. Come out and experience what no other club in the Southern Illinois area offers. KIXX JUNIORS ACADEMY is recommended for all girls and boys, ages 3 – 11, who have the desire to play soccer in a structured, professional environment with experienced and licensed coaches. There are no tryouts for our KIXX JUNIORS ACADEMY. Registration and the desire is all that is required.

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KiXX Juniors Prep Academy

Do you have a budding soccer star in your household who might need a little more guidance and encouragement when it come to soccer instruction. If so then this Parent-Child KiXX Jr. Academy program is the perfect solution. In this training session parents will be asked to partner/ lead their children in skills taught by an experienced soccer instructor. Give your child a head start in their soccer career. Join KiXX JR. Today.

Apr 11 - May 16, 2021 Each Sun 3:30pm to 4:10pm

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KiXX Goalkeeper Camp

KiXX United FC Goalkeeper Camp - hosted by Club DOC Donny Sheehan. This 4 day specialty camp will focus on the technical and tactical skills needed to succeed in one of the most demanding and unique positions in all of team sports. Under the guidance of KiXX United FC Director, Donny Sheehan, the camp will focus on the different aspects of goalkeeping. Some of the topics covered will include; Handling, Diving, Footwork, Distribution, and Dealing with Crosses. The camp will be both instructional and fun!

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KiXX Preseason Premier Soccer Camp

KiXX KiXX United FC Soccer Camp hosted by Club DOC Donny Sheehan This 4 day camp is focused to prepare players for the upcoming season. The curriculum will involve both skill instruction and game situations. The skill instruction will range from 1vs1 attacking and defending, individual technique, possession, and finishing. Our staff will ensure that the camp will be both informational and fun. The staff will be comprised of some of the top area high school and college coaches Previous staff coaches included: Tim Strange - Head Women's Coach - McKendree University Justin McMillian - Owner/Executive Director - Elite FT Jason Turkington - Head Boy's Coach - O'Fallon Township High School Mario Sanchez - Head Men's Coach at SIUE Erika Baptist - Head Woman'c Coach at Lindenwood Belleville More top coaches to follow this Summer!

Coming August 2021

Five Expert Skills

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Three Main Kicks

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